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Herbicide Ad "Hall of Shame"
by Bob Hartzler

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The promotion of integrated weed management systems and judicious use of herbicides has been the foundation of our weed science extension programming at Iowa State University.  Every so often an advertisement appears in one of the farm journals that goes against everything we try to promote.  This page will include a collection of ads contrary to integrated weed management. 

Inclusion of an ad in this section does not imply that the product is not reputable, just that we disagree with the philosophy of the advertisement.

The new herbicide weeds have never seen- Syngenta has a new herbicide weeds have never seen - while it does have a new active ingredient, our weeds our well versed in the activity of the group 5, 15 and 27 herbicides found in Acuron.


Yesterday's Herbicides - Dow warns you not to let yesterday's herbicides slow you down






Herbicide Junkies Promoting 'plant health' is the latest fad in the ag chemical industry, and Valent enters the foray promoting the use of Cobra to fight diseases.







Getting the Jump - A guest entry to the Hall of Shame from our friends in Ohio, this ad promotes residual control of winter annual weeds. Research has shown little value to this approach.





Questionable claims - An add for spray additives goes a little too far.





What,  me worry? Monsanto states that the likelihood of resistance to glyphosate is small, and since resistance is 'easily and economically managed', there really is no reason to be concerned.

imismall.jpg (2858 bytes)This ad warns users if they use a product on crops that it is not labeled for they may observe high levels of crop injury.





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We question whether the seed in this ad really is waterhemp, but have chosen to give the company the benefit of the doubt and removed all reference to the source of the ad.

   Monsanto's latest multimedia campaign promoting the benefits of Transorb™ technology in Roundup compared to Touchdown warrants a spot in the hall.   In addition to the website, Monsanto is using television and print ads in this campaign.  Our take on the issue is found in Enough Already.  


hornetsmall.jpg (22328 bytes)Dow Agroscience's ad
agency must have taken
notes on Monsanto's approach
in last year's campaign
against Touchdown.







Could this be the start of a new Lasso - Dual yield war?  January 20, 2000.
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An advertisement from Monsanto for RoundupReady cotton.  May 26, 1998




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Was this the start of herbicide performance guarantees?
A Treflan advertisement from 1971.


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  While we agree with some of the philosophy of this ad (reduce risks by using an integrated program), the attitude presented towards herbicide drift earns this ad a spot in the hall.  Particularly irresponsible is the statement that insurance will protect you if you cause drift damage on your neighbor's fields, but not if you damage your own fields.  The attitude that drift injury is an inevitable consequence of today's agricultural system must end.  Spring,1998.

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  Proper equipment selection and maintenance is important in drift management.  However, knowing when to stop spraying because of adverse wind conditions will always be the most important step in eliminating drift.  Promoting a sprayer as drift proof is irresponsible in our view.
Yes, we realize this isn't an ad for a herbicide, but it fits the general philosophy of the page. Summer, 1998.

pursuitplus-tn.JPG (29228 bytes) This ad needs little explanation.  Whoever managed this field probably would have had problems with any weed management program.  I wonder if this ad had anything to do with the merger between American Cyanamid and Monsanto falling apart. Spring, 1998.



Prepared by Bob Hartzler, extension weed management specialist, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University

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