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Weed Identification Resources

Weed Seedling ID
Prepared by Brent Pringnitz, extension program specialist

This is a web version of a slide set developed in cooperation with the ISU Agribusiness Education Program. As more weed ID slides are developed they will be added. When viewing each slide, the buttons below the slide will move you ahead, back, or return to this listing.

Weed Seedling Identification Title Page

Woolly cupgrass Yellow nutsedge Common cocklebur
Common sunflower Giant ragweed Common ragweed
Wild mustard Velvetleaf Velvetleaf (again)
Black nightshade Jimsonweed Pennsylvania smartweed
Common lambsquarters Waterhemp/Pigweed Common milkweed
Hemp dogbane Hedge & field bindweed Canada thistle
Kochia Marestail

More Weed ID Resources


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