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Mike Owen

University Professor
Associate Chair, Agronomy Department
and Extension Weed Specialist
Faculty Senate Past President

3218 Agronomy Hall
Ames, IA  50011

(515) 294-5936 (office)
(515) 294-3163 (FAX)

Owen has been at Iowa State University since December 1, 1982 and joined the Agronomy Department in 1986.  He has directed research on a number of topics including weed seedbank population dynamics, the genetic and physiological control of weed seed dormancy, the genetics and physiology of herbicide resistance in weeds and the herbicide research/demonstration project.  Owen has also been active in service to the university including serving as faculty adviser for many sports clubs.  Owen has directed numerous graduate students and provided in-service educational opportunities for international students.  Owen serves as the Associate Chair of the Agronomy Department and is a Past President of the Iowa State University Faculty Senate.  Personal interests include family, hockey, hunting, softball and fishing.  Owen was a USA Hockey Level III referee and local Referee-in-Chief but retired in 2011.  He also is a long-time ASA  and IHSGAU Softball umpire.

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For more information contact:
ISU Extension Agronomy
3218 Agronomy Hall
Ames, Iowa 50011-1010
Voice: (515) 294-5936
Fax: (515) 294-3163