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Northeast Iowa Demonstration Project 1991-99

mapManagement Systems Evaluation Areas (MSEA) are a network of research and education projects established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the North Central Region in 1990.

Main study sites are located in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Ohio. Additional sites in North and South Dakota and in Wisconsin are coordinated through the Minnesota project.

MSEA research examines the impact of farming systems on water quality, and develops profitable cropping systems that also protect water resources. Research includes monitoring, modeling and socioeconomic impact assessment of crop management practices that reduce potential groundwater and surface water pollution by pesticides, nutrients and sediment.

Cooperative Extension has an important role in MSEA. Close integration of education and outreach activities make research results accessible to help producers, agribusiness, local and regional community decision makers meet the challenge of preserving both environmental quality and profitable agriculture. Many state and regional MSEA publications are available on the world wide web at the links shown below.

Iowa MSEA:

Strip Intercropping Extension publication No. PM 1763, Rev. Feb. 1999.
Understanding and Reducing Pesticide Losses, PM 1495, Rev. Feb. 1999.
Rate Variability of Anhydrous Ammonia Applicator Equipment, PM 1747, Dec. 1997.
Interpretation of Soil Test Results
, PM 1310, Rev. Aug. 1999, 12 pp.
Vegetative Filter Strips for Improved Surface Water Quality, PM 1507, Sept.1992, 4 pp.

North Central Region MSEA publications and other state links.

USDA Water Quality Working Group MSEA Reports

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For additional information contact Susan Brown, Agronomy Extension Water Quality Program Specialist.

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