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Growth and Development

Soybean growth stages - a pictorial view - Based on Soybean Growth and Development  - a new ISU publication that describes how you can improve soybean yields by understanding how a soybean plant grows.

Variety Selection

Variety selection guidelines

Links to major soybean seed companies for information on specific varieties.

Link to the Iowa Crop Improvement Association

Planting and Tillage

Optimum planting date for soybean. Planting date can have a big effect on yield.

Soybean Replant Decisions (pdf)

Seed treatments

Plant population

Row spacing

Tillage and other planting recommendations

Soil Fertility                         

Nutrient requirements for soybean

Soil testing available at ISU.

Seed inoculation

Weed Management

Weed Seedling Identification (link to ISU Weed Science)

Managing early season weed competition

Weed management recommendations (pdf)

2008 herbicide guide (pdf)

Diagnosing herbicide injury (pdf)

Stress Physiology                

Spring frost damage and replant decisions

Drought and soybean


Late season frost damage (pdf)


The key to minimize harvest  loss is to adjust combine settings.

Soybean storage tips

Alternative Agriculture

Kura Clover Living Mulch

Legume Living Mulches (pdf)

Small Grain Cover Crops for Corn and Soybean (pdf)

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