Compendium of Research Reports on Use of Non-Traditional Materials for Crop Production

By NCR-103 Committee | “Non-Traditional Soil Amendments and Growth Stimulants”

This electronic compendium provides information on non-traditional materials marketed for use in crop production in the north central region of the USA. It is a collection of research abstracts and reports released by scientists in State Agricultural Experiment Stations. This electronic compendium contains material previously published in the compendium (1985) and supplements 1 and 2.

The NCR-103 Committee takes no responsibility for comments or conclusions expressed in any of the reports contained within this collection. The purpose of the Committee activity is to provide a single, more conveniently used file of references for researchers, extension personnel, crop advisers, and agency personnel who have interest or assigned responsibilities in the use of non-traditional materials. Inclusion of information on materials and/or expression of trade names does not represent approval or disapproval, implied or otherwise, for a product for use in crop production.

The individual reports have been placed into an electronic database that is searchable for any text. Therefore, reports containing information on specific non-traditional materials can be found and are accessible electronically through the search process. The committee realizes the compendium does not include all research reports and that there are additional products on which agronomic research has not been conducted. Additional reports will be added to the database as they become available.

Criteria for inclusion of a research report or abstract in the compendium includes: 1) at least two site-years of research, with multiple crops or varieties substituting for a site-year; 2) authors listed; 3) replicated with statistical analysis; 4) reasonably applicable to north central USA crop production; 5) reference source available; and 6) author permission.

States Represented: Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Oregon, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan
Approved by the Directors of the North Central Agricultural Experiment Stations, October 1, 1976.